Complaint Policy and Process

 In General Terms Complaint Policy and Process

  • As UGM, we undertake to resolve customer requests by a clear, quick, net and customer-focused way.
  • We assess customer requests by our sustainable quality service approach.
  • We analyze all complaints, come from our customers by customer-focused philosophy and as a result of this analysis offer a solution.Following complaints, requests and recommendations, we apply the parmanent improvements to our system and processes.
  • By supporting to the participation and creativity of employees, we provide them sustainable medium, in which they can express and continuously improve themselves.
  • Policy and targets of handling the requests and recommendations are created, we comply with legal and legislation basis conditions and customer expectations and take employees' notification into the consideration. 
  • We work continuously for customer requests of UGM, complaint management process and systems used,   determination of areas open for improvement and increase of productivity.