Customer Rights Protection Board



The Customer Advisory Board was established by our company in order to act in accordance with the fundamental points of sustainability, transparency, honesty, ethics, laws and regulations and to fulfill the obligations on time while acting within the framework of international laws and regulations. The Board members study with some consultants (such as law, logistics and some associations) who have advanced experience on the issues of their clients' rights, on the transparency of their internal practices and on issues that they may perceive as a shortage of their customers and discuss these ideas within the company, as well as people who have their own work or who need potential information in accordance with the scope of the protection of personal data.

Customer Advisory Board gathers regularly every  6 months and discusses administrative issues. Representatives of our customers and potential customers are invited to these meetings and important issues, complaints and needs of our customers are evaluated during the meeting. Considering the sustainability of our company, internal issues like our service standarts, targets and weaknesses are transparently evaluated and scheduled to be solved within the relevant managers. External issues on the other hand are evaluated together with lawyers and experts.    

Customer Rights Protection Board is a committee that is founded to carry out external works in respect to the decisions taken by the Customer Advisory Board.


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