Through Ünsped Global Lojistik A.Ş, one of our group companies; warehouse, warehouse management, shipping management, overseas/domestic transportation services are offered.

Warehouse Solutions

-Ünsped has two temporary storage facilities connected to Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Esenboğa customs.

           Istanbul Ataturk Airport-Topkapı Temporary Warehouse: 1050 m2

           Esenboğa Airport: Indoor: 500 m2


-There are two (A) type General Warehouses connected to Erenköy and Muratbey customs.

         Orhanlı Warehouse: Indoor area: 5000m2, Capacity: 13000 Euro Pallet

         Hadımköy Warehouse: Indoor Area:2142 m2,

                                               Outdoor area: 1093 m2 and total 3235 m2

                                               Total: 4000 Euro Pallet capacity.


-There are free warehouses in Istanbul Airport, Hadımköy, Orhanlı and Çorlu regions.

         Istanbul Airport Free Warehouse: Indoor area: 2700 m2

         Orhanlı Free Warehouse: Indoor Area: 9000 m2, 25,000 pallet capacity

         Hadımköy Free Warehouses: Indoor Space: 9300 m2, Outdoor area total: 40,000 m2,

                                                  Total capacity: 25,000 pallets

         Çorlu Free Warehouse: 4,500 m2 indoor area with a capacity of 10,000 pallets

Warehouse Management

-Logistics services in our warehouses are provided using stock management programs that we constantly develop according to customer needs and operations and handling services are provided.

-Racking solutions are applied in our storage areas to meet different needs.

-We also produce services in our warehouses with fully automated racking systems with additional security, protected from external factors, providing fast goods placement and collection.

Our Value Added Services

-Product coding




-Installation Services

-Distribution Equipment / Palletization

-Technical Service


-Product Sorting

-Tagging Posts

We provide services to many national and international companies with the support of our experienced personnel, equipment and advanced IT infrastructure.

Shipping Management

-Complete and Partial Distribution Management

-Inner city Distribution Solutions

-Route Planning

-Cargo Tracking


Complete Intercity Transport Solutions

We ship the complete cargos we receive from our customers' warehouses, production facilities or our own warehouses in due time and insured by complying with predetermined delivery times at every point in Turkey. Likewise, with our organization spread over 81 provinces of Turkey, we move return products, raw materials or finished products with our vehicles from every point in our country where our customer is located to every point where they need them.

In this context, we offer our customers price cost advantage through cost-cutting measures as a result of our full-time, professional, efficient and mutual cooperation’s for dry freight transportation for following goods;

-Glass Industry

-Food, Dry Food Logistics

-White Goods

-Building Industry


-Industrial Logistics

-Retail Logistics

Inner city Micro Distribution Services

All shipments made by our customers to city customers from warehouses, production facilities or our own warehouses are carried out in a short time, cost-effectively by providing route optimization and customer consolidation. In our operation where we produce value-added solutions as needed according to customer demand, the options according to demand vary from delivery to door to shelf delivery and recycling of materials, packaging, etc. according to requirements.

 Container Transport Services

 With our offices located in all ports and bonded areas in Turkey and our expert staff, we produce due time and economical solutions with 20"FEET HARD TOP, 40"FEET HARD TOP, LOWBED (heavy load) FLAT RACK CONTAINER, FLEXI CONTAINERS.

With our expert staff, we produce effective solutions for our customers in guaranteed transfer operations with our shipments from ports to free warehouses and factories, as well as guaranteed transport to all major ports and bonded areas.

Organizations and Fleet Management Service

We can meet the operational demands of our customers requiring special vehicles or which they want to have under their control 24/7, by means of dedicating our vehicle to our customer. We provide value-added service by having unloading personnel if necessary in our vehicles that we deliver to our customer with the driver.

In this method, the customer can also use these vehicles as advertising promotion by using any images other than the vehicle.

In dedicated vehicle supply service, the vehicle's tracking systems are monitored online, within the framework of the criteria determined by the customer, the driver's behavior in traffic is predetermined and their behavior in traffic that will damage the corporate identity of our customer is blocked and controlled by the system from the very beginning.

Dedicated vehicles service is provided in all types of vehicles from the truck to Lorries including refrigerated -18 degrees contracted vehicle supply service, vehicles with lifts or special equipment.

Combined Transports

The means of making a difference to the logistics operations of our customers that we partner with is to make the operation that is going on in some cases efficient with different perspectives and combinations. In this context, depending on the load and customer potential, all modes of transportation including sea, rail and land transportation are evaluated on behalf of our customers and the optimum solution is projected and implemented by our expert teams.

International transportation services can also be carried out with our business partners.

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