In our foreign trade legislation, protection measures have been increased due to the harmonization efforts with the European Union and the shipment of products by Far East countries at prices that destabilize Turkey's domestic market balance. As a result, customs Law, Customs Regulation, Product Safety and Inspection, Unfair Competition, Safeguards and Surveillance Practices in Imports, Anti-Smuggling, and similar legislation are constantly changing and updated. Our legislation department follows these changes best and fastest, informs our customers, and organizes training and seminars for wide-ranging changes. In addition, the legislative changes published in the Official Gazette and the circular containing the legislation changes in customs, foreign trade, agriculture, health, and similar institutions are updated via e-mail and in our website's "Circular" section.

Among our services in this scope are;

- Determining the Customs Tariff Statistics Position of the goods to be imported or exported,
- Obtaining the Notified Person Status Certificate (OKSB)
- Obtaining Binding Tariff Information (BTB),
- Obtaining tariff information for chemicals that are out of the binding tariff information.
- Providing opinions and suggestions by guiding the requests made within the scope of the Regulation on Facilitation of Customs Transactions and Customs Reconciliation Regulation.
- Attending meetings and signing reconciliation minutes when authorized by the company for reconciliation
- Expressing opinions against the issues determined in the Evaluation Report of the imports subject to inspection to be carried out at our customers' workplaces under the provisions of the Regulation on Post-Control and Control of Risky Transactions by the Ministry of Commerce inspection staff,
- Answering the questions and problems of our customers about customs and foreign trade that they want to learn in international goods trade and creating solutions,
- Meeting the demands for customs tax rates and certification requirements applied in all countries,
- Carrying out the administrative objection procedures stipulated in the customs legislation against the disputed additional accruals and fines arising from the customs duties related to the customs administrations of customers,
- Providing consultancy services for filing a lawsuit before the administrative judiciary for the annulment of the administrative action if the verdict towards the objections is against the customer,
- Answering our customers’ questions regarding foreign trade in line with legal regulations, identifying the data to solve problems that may occur, or helping solve the problem quickly.
Customs Tariff Statistics Position (HS-Code) determination studies are carried out through the "Tariff Software System (UGM ERP)" developed by our company's software developers in a way that keeps up to date. Furthermore, our Customs Tariff Determination Board, in charge of tariff determination, consists of people, including customs consultants, chemists, and HS-Code experts. Thus, the HS-Code determination process has been organized to enable the most comfortable, fastest, professional performance measurements and forward-looking information storage for the tariff demander and the respondent. In addition, six chemists and two food engineers support the Customs Tariff Determination Supreme Board, established to determine problematic HS-Code and where five permanent members are employed.



Aside from the complexity of foreign trade, customs, and banking legislation, foreign trade is constantly changing, which makes it necessary to link one's expertise in legal services with the relevant legislation and its general provisions. These legal services also assure our companies and ensure that the issue does not reach the level of smuggling charges.
ÜNSPED’s legal service tries to solve the customs and foreign trade disputes of the companies we serve. Our legal staff specializes in Customs Law, Transport Law, and Commercial Law. We also have our rich precedent verdict archive.
Legal disputes between customs administrations and companies we serve are followed up in the computer environment to ensure that administrative objections or litigations can be exhausted.
Regarding commercial and transportation law matters, we support the legal and criminal steps to be taken in disputes between the carriers and the companies we serve.
Legal disputes that arise are archived by being controlled and monitored from a single center on a company basis. The company and the customs administration are informed by following every stage of the dispute from the beginning to the conclusion. In addition, our established infrastructure allows related companies to check the entire legal process.


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