ÜNSPED is an expert in all operational conformity assessment processes. Operational business processes during the conformity assessment, which started for the first time in Türkiye, are recorded moment by moment through the data entries made by the field personnel via terminals and mobile applications. Furthermore, when requested, records of business processes can be viewed on the web and will be sent as an instant e-mail, and reported regularly at desired intervals and with the desired content.

With the technology it has developed and its software, ÜNSPED can report the inspection history of each product based on the model number and present the inspection chronology and product risk map of each model number.

Our main Technical Regulations transactions are as follows;

TAREKS Applications: Our expert personnel carry out all transaction processes within the scope of the Ministry of Commerce's risk-based control system in foreign trade.

TSE Conformity Assessment Procedures: Conformity: assessment processes are carried out fastest and most effectively with a trained and experienced professional team at the Import Directorates of the Turkish Standards Institute.

Transactions of Road Vehicles: In the Vehicle Project Directorates of the Turkish Standards Institute, import vehicle road conformity procedures, highway conformity exemption, and type approval exemption procedures are carried out by our experienced and expert teams in the relevant directorates.

Product Safety Inspection Procedures: Our expert staff carries out all conformity assessment processes by the Product Safety Inspection Directorates affiliated with the Regional Directorates of Customs and Foreign Trade.
Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) transactions: We provide post-import IMEI registration processes, TAC registration processes, IMEI change processes for defective devices, and BTK registration services with our experienced expert staff.

Measurements and Adjustments: These services are provided by an experienced and expert team for dimension adjustment operations carried out within the Provincial Directorates of Industry and Technology framework.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Registration / Compliance Procedures: Import technical conformity certificate procedures issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation are carried out by our company’s experts.
Type Approval/AQAP etc. 

Document/company registration procedures: To benefit from various exemptions, registration and authorization procedures are provided to the relevant ministry or related institution systems for the necessary documents.

Production Input Exemption Procedures: The services of obtaining exemption certificates from the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the materials to be used as production inputs and introducing them to the Ministry of Commerce system are provided by our expert staff.

Warranty Certificate Transactions: Upon request, consultancy services are provided to establish the necessary service networks for your after-sales service qualification and warranty certificates approved by the Ministry of Commerce and to issue the documents.

Import Certificate Transactions: Import certificate purchase service, which must be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce for dual-use goods and technologies, is provided.

Used/Refurbished Goods Import Permit Transactions: Used goods import permit procedures are carried out for used, old, and processed goods within the framework of the Ministry of Commerce regulations.
Technical Regulations Document Information Review Procedures: Upon request, ÜNSPED carries out examinations and evaluations according to national and international regulations regarding the current and validity of the technical documents and information of the labels of the products subject to conformity assessment and eliminates possible risks with experienced staff.

Training: When requested, group training activities are carried out on subjects specific to your needs.

Consultancy: ÜNSPED provides its customers with import/export or pre-order consultancy services with professional staff in all conformity assessment activities.

Special Permits: Execution and follow-up services of special project-based transactions subject to conformity assessment are provided.