Customer Work Portal

Available on the Customer Work Portal. In order to become a member, you must fill out the petition sample in the link and send it to fax number 0212 410 23 80 after signed by company official.

Work Follow-up Petition

In all operations we manage, we keep a step-by-step record of all processes from the beginning to its conclusion.

The relevant work tracking pool is filled with codes entered by the personnel in the field from the Mobile application, the codes entered by the personnel managing the operation via ERP and the work tracking codes that the system automatically generates.

As the steps progress, the work tracking codes they want are automatically mailed to our companies, and if desired, this process is followed up from the Customer Work Portal and Ünsped Mobile Application.


Digital Archiving

All documents of customs declarations created by Ünsped Customs Brokerage are archived digitally.

Through the Customer Work Portal, our companies and our own staff can access it quickly and reliably to relevant documents via our ERP system.

This project, which started at the end of 2004, has been equipped with OCR feature by the end of 2018 and the documents have been automatically named.


Accounting and Billing Information Transfer,

A.B.I.T. (Accounting and Billing Information Transfer)

A.B.I.T. and Our Current Basic Operating Structure;

-Sending invoices and receipts to the customer

-Issuing receipts for expenditures

-Billing of services

-Sending documents to you.

We don't change this structure during the A.B.I.T process. We're just transmitting the same processing electronically.

As a result of the process that triggers your import or export transactions to be forwarded to accounting after the operation, our pre-accounting department prepares your files. Your prepared files will be forwarded to our courier department on the same evening. The next day, the original documents will be delivered you. This is the standard original paperwork.

Our operational information and pre-accounting and financing transactions are stored in the same database. Data can be transferred at any time to the requested address in the required pattern through this database. This data should be used on our customer side as our documents passed through the approvals enter into the customer system. Through an automation or interface program prepared by our customers, the original and copy inputs available are compared. The data, which is flexible that necessary corrections can be made, is transferred to our customers' accounting system with a single button.

Mobile Applications

You can follow up on all your customs operations conducted by us instantly from your mobile devices with the user account information given to you through our corporate mobile application.

You can download our Mobile Apps from the AppStore and PlayStore.

Android App - Google Play