ÜNSPED is an expert in all foreign trade operational conformity assessment processes. Operational business processes during the conformity assessment initiated in Turkey are recorded from time to time via terminals with data entries made by operations personnel in the field. The chronology of conformity assessment processes is recorded on a process or product basis. When requested, these records can be viewed over the Internet, or instantly sent in e-mail and reported on an operational or product basis at the desired intervals regularly.

The main technical regulations are as follows:

TAREKS Applications
All operations within the scope of the Foreign Trade Risk Based Control System (TAREKS) of the Ministry of Commerce are carried out and monitored by our expert personnel.

Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) Conformity Assessment Procedures
With a trained, experienced, professional team Located in the Import Directorates of the Turkish Standards Institute, conformity assessment processes are carried out in the fastest and most efficient way.

Trade Auditors Group Directorate Operations
All the processes of conformity assessments conducted by the Trade Auditors Group Directorate auditors within the Ministry of Commerce are followed by our expert personnel located there.

Measurement and Settings Operations
Measurement adjustment procedures carried out within the framework of the Provincial Directorates of Industry and Technology by an experienced and expert team.

Warranty Certificate Operations
In case of request consultancy services are provided for the establishment of the necessary service networks and the issuance of documents for the provision of "After Sales Service Qualification and Warranty Certificate” approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Conformity Assessment Procedures
The conformity letters, control documents and special permissions to be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are followed up quickly and effectively with our expert teams located in the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry.

Used/Refurbished Goods Import Permit Operations
Within the framework of the relevant legislation of the Ministry of Commerce; "Used Goods Import Permit" for used, refurbished etc. items, which are intended to be ordered, are followed up by our experienced personnel.

Technical Regulations Document Information Review Operations
If requested, our company carries out reviews and evaluations regarding the validity of the technical documents and information of the products subject to conformity assessment and eliminates possible risks with our experienced staff.

ÜNSPED provides import or pre-order consultancy services in all "Conformity Assessment" activities with its professional staff to its customers who requests.

Special Permits
Special permits for special "Project Based operations" subject to conformity assessment are provided.