Our Policy

Ünsped Politika Kitapçığı

Area 1. Our Company

  • Our management understanding is participative.
  • We obey the law.
  • We make promises that we can keep and we always do what we promised.
  • We protect our brand.
  • We present correct information to our shareholders and to public.
  • We regularly assess and manage our risks.
  • We keep our vehicles, buildings, facilities and equipment clean, well-kept and usable.
  • While showing respect to traditions about giving and receiving gifts, we are carefulthat they are in accordance with law and our business conduct.
  • We do not permit for our employees to have, directly or indirectly, a relationship based on self-interest or clash of interests with the company.

Area 2. Our Employees

  • Our employees are our most valuable resource.
  • We do not make discrimination among our employees.
  • We are honest to our employees and we expect the same from them.
  • The doors of our managers are open to the employees.

Area 3. Occupational Health and Safety

  • Ensuring the health and safety of the employees in the work place is first priority for UGM.
  • We promise to provide healthy and safe work environment for our employees.

Area 4.Our Customers

  • We establish professional relations with our customers and we develop our processes according to their needs.
  • We provide services that can be tracked simultaneously, gauged and create added value to our customers.
  • Our goal is absolute customer satisfaction.
  • We provide information safety.

Area 5. Our Partners

  • We perform our obligations to our company partners and shareholders.
  • We designate strategies and financial goals in order to create value for our company and shareholders.

Area 6. Public and Society

  • We respect to human Rights, Democracy and Individual Freedoms.
  • We as a company, try to be a good legal citizen.
  • We take protecting environment as our duty.

Area 7. Our Sustainable Standart Applications

  • We standardize our Systems, Processes and Procedures.
  • We provide Sustainable Standard Applications.


Management Policy
Management Policy

Area 1. Our CompanyOur management understanding is participative.We obey the law.We make promises that we can keep and we always do what we promised.We protect our brand.We present correct information to our shareholders and to public.We regularly as...

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