The temperatures of all personnel, visitors and suppliers were taken using contact-free thermometers before entering the company and during the day in order to identify those with fevers to refer them to healthcare institutions. A separate, isolated room was assigned for use in cases of high-temperature.

Disinfectant mats and hand disinfectants were placed at building entrances. Those coming from outside are made to use these before entering the buildings.

All personnel were issued cards with chips to ensure the non-contact use of turnpikes and electronic locking systems. Action was taken within the framework of the rules identified by the Ministry of Health. Existing emergency response and risk assessment plans were updated.

By a resolution made by our occupational health and safety board, all field personnel, branches and headquarters staff were issued masks, gloves, fully-protective goggles, work overalls and hand disinfectants as from 28.01.2020.

Detailed information on the Coronavirus was provided to our staff. The brochures published by the Ministry of Health were posted at visible points.

The mass training sessions and meetings organised at the company were cancelled. Mandatory training sessions and meetings were carried out remotely, over the system.

Personnel available for working at home were given the opportunity to work at home, by which the number of personnel was decreased, and the number and density of office employees were reduced. The social distancing rule was observed.

By resolution of the OHS board, our personnel’s travels abroad were postponed, and those coming from abroad went back to work after a 14-day quarantine followed by a report obtained from a healthcare institution. The foreign contacts of those with whom our personnel live together or are in close contact were investigated. Personnel over 60 years of age, pregnant women, and those with health issues or chronic diseases were put on leave.

Virus-killing UV lamps were placed at certain places of the building, and within ventilation shafts.

All common contact points such as doors, windows, photocopiers, elevator buttons, stair railings and banisters are being cleaned continuously during the day by specially tasked personnel. The entire building is disinfected using ULV devices and hydrogen peroxide, and the disinfection frequency of common use areas such as restrooms, basins and ablution rooms in the building has been increased. The air conditioner filters were disinfected using sodium hydroxide.

The personnel transport vehicles are disinfected every evening, when empty, using UV-C lamps.

As Unsped, all staff, visitors and suppliers will use hand sanitizers in busy areas, during the day at the entrance to the company. Visors were also placed in order to maintain social distance with the welcome desk.
As Unsped, we regularly disinfect our staff services with UV-C lamps every evening before the shuttle bus leaves.
As Unsped, we have placed UV lamps inside the ventilation ducts and in certain areas of the building where we work in our work areas. We disinfect our air conditioning filters with sodium hydroxide at regular intervals.