In our commercial activates and all business practices, righteousness honesty and justice are our priority values.

Our Obligations

Legal Obligations to Our Customers Obligations to Our Employees Obligations to Our Shareholders Obligations to Suppliers and Business Partners Obligations to Our Competitors Obligations to Society and Humanity Obligations to Ünsped Name.


Ünsped protects information that can create advantage for competitors, trade secrets, financial and other kinds of information that hasn't been declared to the public, information about employees' personal rights against third parties and considers information safety important.

Conflict of Interests and Fight against Corruption

We operate by the principles; never getting involved, directly or indirectly, with any illegal payment, not to abuse one's position not to get involved in a conflict of interests, and prohibition of gifts which are all kinds of objects and benefits that may or may not have monetary value and may or may not affect the impartiality, performance, decision or performance of duty of a public officer.

For this reason, we equip our managers and employees with conscience, rules and applications that will keep them away from clash of interests.

Written and Verbal Communication

We ensure the behavior that prevents the business relationships getting personal, personal hostilities and relations that may result in fight which would have negative effect on business environment, reinforces politeness and respect in the relations with public officers, customers, business partners and suppliers.

Giving - Receiving Gifts

All of our employees adopt applying the situations which necessitates celebration, treats and entertainment in accordance with laws and business conduct, not to allow to give or receive gifts that may affect impartiality and behavior, as principle.

According to Ünsped, it is an inevitable requirement of continuing one's operations as a part of the modern society, to update the principles which was published, announced and gathered in subsections to meet the living conditions. For this reason Ünsped has established an "Ethical Committee" and if a situation that contradicts with the business conduct, the customers and employees can contact with this committee