In our commercial activities and business processes, honesty is our primary value.


We protect our customers' information, trade secrets, financial and other information that has not yet been disclosed to the public, personal data of our employees against third parties, and give importance to information security.

Conflict of Interest and Anti-Corruption

We are never directly or indirectly involved in an illegal payment.

We work with the awareness that all kinds of goods and benefits that affect or may affect the impartiality, performance, decision, or performance of a public employee, directly or indirectly, with or without economic value, are within the scope of gift prohibition, and we accept as a basic principle not to gain any benefit and not to enter into a conflict of interest due to our duty.

We equip our managers and employees with awareness, rules, and practices that will keep them away from conflicts of interest.

Written and Verbal Communication

We take it as our duty to keep business relations away from personal friction that negatively affects the business atmosphere. We ensure that our employees act in accordance with the rules of courtesy and respect in their relations with public officials, customers, business partners, and suppliers.

Giving-Receiving Gifts

We implement the events that require celebrations, treats, and entertainment within the scope of our laws and business rules. We do not allow our employees to receive or give gifts that will affect their impartial decision-making and impartial behavior.

Enforcement of Business Conduct Rules

We see updating these principles of business conduct according to the conditions of the day and living conditions as an inevitable condition for continuing to serve as a part of modern society.

Monitoring the effective implementation of the business conduct rules by the "Ethics Committee"; We establish the necessary mechanisms for both our employees and our customers to contact the Ethics Committee in the event of a situation that violates or does not comply with the business conduct rules.