Withinthe scope of Illumination Meetings under the leadership of Unsped WomenLeadership Development Committee, UGM hosted Mrs. Zahide Demir who worked inthe Ministry of Customs and Trade for 16 years and who is currently employed atKPMG on the subject of '' Step by Step Success '' at MHU Conference Hall onWednesday, August 2, 2017.

Referringto the issues of Glass Ceiling Syndrome, May 2017 Women Report, Career, FemaleLeadership, Barriers and Formulas with the presentations of an Inspector's Hearing,Mrs. Demir has stated that women are changing their positions in social,political and economic fields and that women in the world and Turkey have moreactive roles in business life and that they are now decision makers and thatthere are more women on the management level of the companies.

Mrs.Demir, who stated that more spaces will be opened for women at management levelas the number of 'Lock Breaking' women increase, emphasized the situationscreated by organizational prejudices and patterns that prevent women fromreaching senior management positions; stating that the obstacles imposed bymale managers, the obstacles imposed by female managers and the obstaclesimposed by oneself must be overcome and that it is wrong to condemn women to anarea consisting of glass ceilings in business life and emphasize that menshould have more support for women. 

Mrs.Zahide Demir, a member of the Women's Leadership Development Committee,completed her words by conveying that it was necessary to combat theseobstacles before a female manager and that it was necessary to be an impactfulindividual rather than a reactionary person. Mrs. Zahide Demir was presentedwith a plate by the Members of Women Leadership Development Committee and acollective photo was taken at the end of presentation.