After the experienced managers of the X generation and the young professionals of the Y generation, the newest of the business world: "Z generation" gets a start in business. This new generation,with different expectations and learning styles from other generations is preparing to convert the companies with being extremely dominant in digital processes.The oldest of these young people is now 20 years old. The Z’s who get a starting working life with internship opportunities will graduate from universities in a few years and will change the dynamics of the business life.  

The Z generation consisting of individuals who are learning fast and are making progress is also closely related to all developments as it was born in technology. These individuals, who can easily adapt to the speed of time and information, pursue fun and continuous learning while working.

 The companies that bring together in an environment such a way to reveal advantages of each of X, Y, Z generations and ensure to transfer such advantages to each other,defines a work place in which Z generation describes its expectations, equality of opportunity, self-expression and it is far away from hierarchy. .