Within the scope of the Disclosure Meetings under leadership of the Woman Leadership Development Committee,  Avea Executive Founding Partner İnci Özkul and KPMG Turkey Auditing Department Chairman and Company Partner Nesrin Tuncer were our guests for discussing the topic “Ways to Provide Social Gender Equality by Breaking the Lock” at UGM, MHU Conference Hall on 14.03.2017 Wednesday at 12:00-13:00.  

At the meeting in which Avea Executive Founding Partner was the moderator, KPMG Turkey Auditing Department and Company Partner Nesrin Tuncer presented her Research “Breaking the Lock” and responded to the questions of Özkul relating to the research. Ms. Tuncer via “Research on Breaking the Lock” at KPMG shared the kind of distribution for top and middle level woman managers, present status, career development, success factors at the workplace and positions that they represent, issues encountered by women in business life and career, success and happiness perceptions of woman and man administrators, supports and obstacles met by women before assuming the manager position with us. She conveyed to us that the obstacles before being a woman manager was a type of “Glass Ceiling Syndrome” thus there were artificial obstacles that were created by organizational biases and patterns, preventing women obtaining top level management positions. 

Ms. Nesrin Tuncer conveying that the glass ceilings in minds have to be demolished immediately, underlined emphatically that the formula of breaking the lock was connected with receiving a good education, freeing oneself from biases in relation to being a woman, having confidence in oneself, being brave, believing that you can do the best, freeing oneself from being too fussy, not abstaining from taking decisions, working too much but with the condition of being planned, sparing time to oneself and your beloved ones, being easy and not skipping life. 

At our Disclosure Meeting, what companies, managers and women themselves should do in order to increase representation of women at top management was summarized in parallel to the findings of the research.  Emphasis was put on importance of continuing efforts and policy changes to increase the number of people at top management ensuring that women conduct an easy work.  

Our seminar came to an end with the plaquets for remembrance presented by Woman Leadership Development Committee to our speakers after an altogether photo was taken.