Ability to provide service domestically and internationally with an integrated service approach
A member of the UN Global Compact, which leads the business world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
TEDPORT Certificate Holder, who has proven his competence in supply chain management with environmental-social and governance dimensions
Confirming its work on environmental awareness and green commitments with the GREEN CHECK Green Control Certificate
Signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
The first customs broker company with an AEO Certificate
Fast and safe solutions produced in product safety processes with the strong and specialized TECHNICAL REGULATIONS staff in the sector.
Experienced FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTANCY that minimizes errors and risks in customs and foreign trade transactions and can suggest alternative trade models and scenarios to its customers.
Post-control, AEO audits, preventive audits, reporting with expert audit staff
Follow-up and finalization of all processes with professional teams in AEO, OKSB, Inward Processing Permits, Outward Processing Permits, Investment Incentive Certificate, and guarantee transactions
1,000,000 USD professional liability insurance that offers safe trade opportunities
The importance given to information security; Compliance with ISO 27001 document, disaster center for extraordinary situations, high-security services provided with self-owned servers
Corporate Governance Ratings received by an international independent audit firm; 2015: 7.35- 2016: 8.56- 2017: 9.01- 2018: 9.17-2019: 9.22-2020: 9.27 -2021: 9.30 - 2022: 9,38(out of 10)
Special case studies and sectoral-based legislation notifications for customers with the advisory board consisting of customs brokers
Leading company that performs 10% of Turkey's foreign trade transactions
CORPORATE STRUCTURE with a board of directors and executive board made up of professionals
By far the leader in the number of declarations lodged in Türkiye with 9%
Leading company of it’s sector with 42 years of experience, 1,700 employees, and 60 service points
The first and only "ON-SITE R&D CENTER" authorized by the Ministry
"LOGISTICS SERVICES" with two A-type Warehouses, Two Temporary Warehouses, and Free Zone Warehouses in Hadımköy and Orhanlı
Time and cost advantage with “TAILOR-MADE” modules and software produced specifically for companies and customers with the software of its own IT department, maximum use of technology in all operations “DATA INTEGRATION
Instant tracking of declaration processes with simultaneous notifications made by field staff with QR codes
Instant performance measurement based on KPIs
Possibility to generate reports in the desired shape and format with the Customer Work Portal (MÇP)
"E-MOBILE application", which can receive instant reports via Android and IOS-compatible mobile phones
Including Customs consultants, assistant consultants, chemists, and food engineers; a total of 30 consultants provide Expert and professional staff in the field of foreign trade and customs
ETHICAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT with business ethics understanding, Ünsped Policy Book, and principled business procedures
“FAST TRANSPORTATION" between the motor courier team of 100 people and customs directorates, UGM Branches, and customer offices and management of all foreign trade processes in line with the request of the companies
The first company to have a Covid-19 Certificate in its sector with Occupational Health and Safety studies and measures during the pandemic period.