Natural gas imports in Türkiye decreased by 4.5 percent compared to August last year, falling to approximately 3 billion 681 million 350 thousand cubic meters. According to the import figures in the August data of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, around 3 billion 281 million 520 thousand cubic meters of total imports are realized through pipelines, and 399 million 840 thousand cubic meters are realized through  liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.

Specifically, natural gas imports through pipelines, compared to last August, decreased by 7.7 percent. LNG imports increased by 35 percent. Total natural gas imports decreased by 4.5 percent in this period, reaching approximately 3 billion 681 million 350 thousand cubic meters. While the highest natural gas import was from Russia in August with 2 billion 269 million 930 thousand cubic meters, Russia was followed by Azerbaijan with 937 million 700 thousand cubic meters and Algeria with 399 million 840 thousand cubic meters. Natural gas imports from Algeria increased by 35 percent, natural gas imports from Azerbaijan increased by 74 percent, and natural gas imports from Russia increased by around 7.4 percent. Natural gas imports from Iran decreased by 91.8 percent in August.

It was observed that the amount of natural gas usage in Türkiye decreased by 1 percent in August. As a result, the amount of natural gas stock in Türkiye increased by 41.6 percent compared to last year in August, reaching approximately 5 billion 258 million 320 thousand cubic meters, while 94.5 percent of the natural gas stock and 5.5 percent of underground storage facilities are in LNG terminals. It can be seen.

The Increase in Oil Imports Draws Attention

According to the latest data announced by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Türkiye's total imports of oil and petroleum products increased by 0.3 percent in August compared to the same month last year, reaching 4 million 351 thousand 165 tons. According to the Petroleum Market Sector Report, which is another important sector analysis report, imports of crude oil, which constitutes the largest item in Türkiye's total oil imports, decreased by 3 percent to 2 million 852 thousand 705 tons. During this period, imports of diesel types increased by 1 percent and reached 1 million 39 thousand 611 tons. In addition, the remaining part of imports consists of aviation and marine fuels, gasoline, fuel oil types and other products. While the highest import of crude oil and petroleum products is from Russia with 1 million 947 thousand 217 tons, after Russia comes Iraq with 988 thousand 134 tons and Kazakhstan with 539 thousand 166 tons. When we look at the total sales of petroleum products, it is seen that it is 2 million 761 thousand 647 tons, with a decrease of 1.5 percent.