1981, one of the leadership and development committees of UNSPED Customs Consultancy, which has adopted and adopted a participatory management approach since its inception, and the oldest, the Leadership and Development Committee, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Murat ERDAL, the founder of Tinova Information Technologies, the organization of Social Entrepreneurship and Women in Management took place on March 20, 2019 at Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences Conference Hall.

The organization began with the opening speech of Prof. Dr. Ayşegül KOMSUOĞLU, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Istanbul University. The first session is moderated by Ünsped Customs Consultancy, Corporate Communications Manager, Benjamin Button Women Our Manager is Fazilet PATIR and the speakers are Tezmaksan Board Member Fatma AYDOĞDU, Child Education Association General Manager Melike ARGİŞ, Istanbul State Opera Artist, Dublaj Artist and C Major Chief Özlem ABACI and Youth Art Center General Art Director, Yücel CANYARAN, Founder President of BPW Istanbul Maiden's Tower Business and Women Association, was the moderator of Istanbul University Women Studies Research and Application Center by Assoc.Prof. Biotechnology as a speaker at this session of the General Manager of AWM Libby ALTUNTAŞ, KPMG Turkey, Audit and Assurance Services Department Nesrin Tuncer, BASF, Tanju CEPHELİ and Sera Group CFO & Board Member Damla ŞENER AKKAYNAK has been participated.  

In the organization where the topics such as civil society and sustainability, social capital, social entrepreneurship, gender equality, social innovation and women are evaluated and our speakers convey their knowledge and experiences; it was important that our country should support women and women workers in their journey to a strong future, and that it is important for women to contribute to their professional and personal development skills and competencies in this journey.