We took place in the March April edition of ODA Magazine, a publication of German-Turkish Chamber of Industry and Trade, we took place with the title “the Motto of Ünsped is Sustainability”. 

Ünsped, which stepped in the sector in the year 1981 and carrying on with operating as a joint stock company since the year 1995, is currently one of the important companies of the sector with 40 different service points and 1100 employees. Dr. Hakan Çınar, participating in Ünsped family with the title of CEO approximately 1 year ago and being one of the important personages both with his sectoral recognition and his academician identity, talked about the success of his company presently and the future targets as below: Human factor is the most important value that has to be possessed by a customs brokerage company. Therefore, our most important capital is human. With Ünsped Development Academy (UGA) that has been established to this end, we continuously give training to our employees, measure their performances and ensure their development accordingly.  Again as Ünsped we believe that we create a difference in the sector with the importance that we place on technology. By using technology at maximum with the services that we render to our associates within the framework of the facilities provided by our work, we ease their lives on the one hand, we minimize the error rate on the other hand and as a result we are providing the facility of measuring and assessing every stage of the processes altogether.  This makes us more dynamic. Since we regard customs clearance as the most element of foreign trade, we at no time define ourselves only as a company performing customs operations but we support our customers at every single stage of foreign trade and can cover all their needs in this field.  We possess a group of expert personnel in all the said fields, which gives us a significant place within the sector. The fact that we are a company possessing a wide and different range of products at no time creates a distance between us and our customers; on the contrary, this makes them feel that we are always with them and we provide a boutique service in the real sense.” Çınar, emphasizing that the mottos of the year 2015 are “Sustainability” and “Gaugability” , added that the said two concepts constitute a significant place in the future of Ünsped and the entire structuring of it for the future makes a progress within the framework of the given targets.