Our foreign trade continued to be the locomotive of our country's economy, which grew strongly in 2022. While our exports increased by 2.9 compared to the previous year and reached 225.3 billion dollars, our total foreign trade reached the level of 496.7 billion dollars. One of the heroes of this successful growth is the Customs Officers and Customs Officers, who carry on the customs procedures of the companies without hesitation despite all the negative conditions of the pandemic. They are employees of the consultancy sector.

Our consultancy sector, which supports the growth of our country by shouldering all the sacrifices that can be made in the past years; This year, it welcomed the fact that the rate of increase in the Minimum Wage Tariff was not crushed by inflation.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our Minister of Commerce, Dr. We would like to express our gratitude to the esteemed bureaucrats of our Ministry, especially Mr. Mehmet Muş, to the General Directorate of Customs, and to other non-governmental organizations and professional associations who contributed.