Our employees whoretired by completing their term in 2017 were presented with plaquets with theorganization arranged at Clarion Hotel on 04.04.2018 on April 04, 1818, Mr.Turay AKAR, Mr. Emin ÜNAL, Mr. Atilla SARIKAYA, Mr. Cüneyt YILMAZ, Mr. ÜmitBÜYÜKKOYUNCU and Mr. H. Hüsnü GÜLER. Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK made an openingspeech at our event which started with a cocktail between 19:00 and 20:00 andcontinued with dinner. Mr. ÖZTÜRK, who gives the message of unity andsolidarity, underlined that 37 years of growth and success have been achievedwith team spirit. 

The peaceful working environment we provide, the value we give to ourpeople, the people we work with, both professional and disciplined as well asloving policies reflected to all of our employees, focusing on our work bynever saying "That is not within my job definitions", are reasonsthat kept us for so many years is our company at UGM.

Our organization, where we have the pleasure of being a strong brand, astrong team, ended with collective photo shoots.