2020 is a really, really tough year. We are living a difficult year not only for Turkey but also for the whole world. I believe that this year will remain in the memory of people in a way that they will remember the pain and scars of this year for decades.

We are faced with situations in which a small visual describes a subject that words cannot describe with pages in a frame. This single frame, in which smile and sadness coexist, reveals the situation more briefly and clearly with all its nakedness. That's how the cartoonist described 2020 in one frame.

We have a proverb. "Human memory is predestined to oblivion.” That is; “there is the disability of oblivion in human memory.” The purpose of these lines, although some are difficult to forget, is to briefly remind us of what we experienced in 2020 and set out the economic course of 2020.

What have we experienced in 2020?

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