Head of TOBB South Eastern and Gaziantep Women Entrepreneurs Council, Parliamentary Deputy Speaker of TOBB Fair Sector, Head of Gaziantep Tourism Association, Member of City Council Women Committee, Founding Member of GAGİKAD Gaziantep Entrepreneurs Business Women Association Mrs. Hülya Akkaya participated in as a speaker our seminar themed "Woman and Business", organized under UGA Midday Talk on 7 April 2016, Thursday in cooperation with Woman Leadership Development Committee and Ünspeg Development Academy (UGA) in the Ünsped Customs Brokerage. On the seminar themed Woman and Success, Mrs. Hülya Akkaya shared her presentation, contains sections of her life with the participants and mantioned the difficulties and importance of taking place in different fields of business life as a woman.In the presentation, Mrs. Akkaya underlined that women start a work from the lowest stage keeping the any emotionalities in the background and take the all steps until achiving the top point.On the seminar these messages was given to the participants: "Have an insatiable desire for knowledge, have effective communication skills and your biggest investment is your friends."