Composer, song writer and trainer Mr. Suat SUNA was our guess in the "Adding Value to Business Life and Productivity" themed seminar which took place under the leadership of Employee Communication and Happiness at Workplace Committee, within the scope of UGA Noon Talks on 5 October 2016. Mr. Suat SUNA who began his presentation with talking about how he started his music life continued by highlighting the fact that adding value to business life and being productive only can be achieved by having a consistent, stable, determined and meticulous working principle. Mr. Suat SUNA who stated that the equivalent of ensuring sustainable success in his business life is to carry out quality works also talked about the importance of specializing in the business life.

At the end of the seminar which continued as Q&A, the President of the Committee Ms. Pınar BOZKUŞ and Committee Member Mr. Hüseyin DİNSEVER presented plaque to Mr. SuatSuna on behalf of Employee Communication and Happiness at Workplace Committee. At end of the seminar Mr. Suat SUNA presented his autographed books and CDs.