Underthe leadership of Ünsped Employee Communication and Work Place HappinessCommittee and in the scope of UDA Midday Chats, the seminar having thesubject of '''Happiness at Work 2'' was realized on the date of 26 April 2017 Wednesdayin Ünsped Customs Consultancy Head Office MHÜ Conference Salon. As the speaker,Employee Relations and Internal Communication Manager Ms. Ayşe Eralp of ourCustomer LC Waikiki Company participated in the seminar having the subject of'''Happiness at Work''. In the seminar, the subjects of walking with the targets,qualifications of a good teacher, how important it is to have the investment ofthe employee to himself/herself for his/her career took place. Ms. Ayşe Eralp indicatedthat they give importance to customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction andsupplier satisfaction and she expressed that they focus on these threeimportant concepts in the business life and they also provide contribution forthe sustainable social environment also with the social responsibility projects.Ms. Eralp expressed that the equality of happy employee and happy customercreates a profitable company and she stated that the reality of having ourprivate lives in every step of the business and we have our business in everymoment of our private lives and this fact cannot be denied. In the end of the seminar,the plaque was represented to Ms. Ayşe Eralp by our Chairman of the Board ofDirectors Mr. Gürbüz Hocaoğlu, Members of Employee Communication and Work PlaceHappiness Committee Mr. Hüseyin Dinsever and Ms. DeryaAydın and they thanked to her for her attendance in the seminar