Following the current developments relating to the DS in the world andTurkey very closely, Who can work to raise awareness of Down syndrome, raisepublic awareness, support families and specialists across the country, anddirect them to how to reach support organizations in that area. and thusundertake a mission that aims to work in cooperation with all institutions,namely by fighting mainly from the society infancy of Down Syndrome individualscarrying out projects affecting the disability perception of discriminationthey face in and the location of all ages, equal opportunities and allowing anon-governmental organization that aims to consolidate the indispensable placein the community of Turkey Down Syndrome Association Women's Leadership andDevelopment Committee, who wants to create perception on March 8, World Women'sDay, invitations to participate in activities called "Business People inWomen's Leadership" They gave them cups they bought from the Down SyndromeSociety. Down Syndrome Society, with the motto that this study is a voluntarybehavior, that giving and sharing increases our quality of life, and with theslogan "Thank You for Adding +1 Life" gave plaquet to our company andto the Women's Leadership Development Committee.