On June 30, 2016 a seminar named "Woman and Power: Overcoming the Obstacles for Leadership and Impact" was given by Emine Cınar Akalin, who is the Executive Board Member in TOBB Female Entrepreneurs Board, Founding Executive Member of Istanbul Womens' Research Center and founder of Istanbul' um Souvenir Shop company, at Unsped Customs Brokerage Headquarters, MHU Conference Hall within the scope of Unsped Women Leadership Development Committee Lunch Talks.

Akalin has emphasized that in order to be successful we need love our work, the importance of setting our goals and moving on them with determination, and that we will be successful if we never give up. Akalin gave some examples from her own life about the balance of work and social life and emphasize the necessity of constant competition with ourselves, and sharing our experiences with others, and supporting the successful people.

How can we be successful? What kind of a characteristic feature do we need to have in order to be successful in business life? Were some of the headlines of Akalin; and she also emphasized that by being patient and determined; a person can become successful in all the jobs and be productive. At the end of seminar, a platelet was submitted to Akalin by Women Leadership Development Committee Chair FaziletPatir and souvenir photos were taken by committee members and women employees. Many employees and managers have attended the seminar.