Mr. Haluk KARA, the Communications Specialist of Pro-Tek Analytical &Industrial Systems Limited Consulting Company and additionally, a trainer on the matters of Corporate Consultancy, Mastery in Communication, the Psychology of Success has become our guest so as to handle the matter “the Laws of Efficient Communication according to the Meaning of Life and Relations” within the scope of the Disclosure Meetings under the leadership of the Committee of Employee Communications and Happiness at the Workplace at MHÜ Conference Hall of the Headquarters of our company on the date of 23.05.2018. 

Mr. KARA has handled what we wished to draw out of communication and the process of communication, the management of the processes with mastery of communication and has conveyed that the mankind looked for the solution at a very wrong place by his nature. He has told that the mankind has to know himself thoroughly primarily with the decisions of communication and has given the clues that we have to by all means ask the question “How do I understand communication as starting from today and extending to tomorrow?” and in return for it, we should not have to ascribe the problems to the other party.  

Mr. Haluk KARA conveying that the process with the emotions and consciousness being shut commences when ego becomes active in the process, underlining that human beings have to become aware of the concrete laws in his life has added that we could distinguish right from wrong using the trial and error method as a result could obtain the truth and could get away from the decisions that will lead us to mistakes. Mr. KARA conveying that we could turn experience to a strategy after using it in the processes that are relevant for the future has told that mankind was created with a design that is focused on the truth; therefore, he has to adjust the correct dosage in between his mind and emotions. 

Mr. KARA underlining that a human being, who is able to solve the essence of matters using his consciousness and mind, could sustain his life correctly, has conveyed that human beings have to take correct decisions as a necessity of their presence and a human being, who is unable to find the truth, has to carry on with his life with the untrue. 

Our seminar has come to an end with a commemorative plaque that was presented by the Committee of the Employee Communications and Happiness at the Workplace to our speakers following a photo that has been shot altogether.