On 20.04.2019 Saturday, within the scope of Unsped Customs Brokerage, plaquets and certificates were presented to our managers and employees in Dilovası, Sakarya, Yarımca, Kocaeli Free Zone and Derince Branches who served our company by working for 5 years or more, between 10:00 and 12:00. Our company partner, Mr. Yusuf Bulut Ozturk, was also present at this event, including the Headquarters employees and managers of our company. The organization started with the opening speeches of Mr. Ali İmran ORHAN Bey, our Kocaeli Regional Manager. Our colleagues have contributed to our growth and development in our company in the past time, all of our colleagues who received their memoirs were thanked for their selfless work.  

After the collective photographs, our organization ended up sharing the Ünsped memories of our employees who took their seniority plaques.