At the end of the TURKTRADE General Assembly meeting on Tuesday, June 7th, a panel on "Industrialist-Logistics Stakeholders and Bottlenecks Encountered" was held under the moderation of our Board Member Hüseyin Cahit SOYSAL. In the relevant panel, İsmail Görgün, Member of the Board of Directors of MEDLOG Transport & Logistics A.Ş, and Fatih ŞENER, UND Strategy and Business Development President, took place as speakers. The effects of the global gateway project positioned by the EU against the belt road project on our country, as well as the opportunities and risks it brings, the linear relationship of the increase in exports to the regions where logistics lines are opened or facilitated, the direction of prices in the sea and road in logistics costs, the cross-border results of intense migrations. Many striking issues such as the risks brought by illegal human movements to foreign trade logistics and methods of protection were sought.