UGM digitizes end-to-end customs clearance processes

Ünsped Customs Consultancy (UGM), one of Türkiye's leading companies in the customs consultancy sector, cooperates with Germany-based technology company AEB and carries all customs clearance processes digitally. With the new model, all follow-ups of export shipments will be done by UGM after they leave Türkiye.

One of Türkiye's leading companies in the customs consultancy sector, Ünsped Customs Consultancy and Logistics Services Inc. (UGM), collaborated with AEB, headquartered in Germany, for supply chain and global trade management solutions. UGM, which will digitize all customs clearance processes from the sender to the receiver with the new cooperation, aims to provide transparency, ease, accountability, high accuracy rates, and uninterrupted service to its customers in the entire process from export to import. Making statements regarding the cooperation, Ünsped General Manager Rıza Mehmet Korkmaz said, "This initiative, Realizing cost-reducing innovative projects with its first-in-place R&D center and chemistry laboratory in its sector, receiving a corporate rating of 9.38 in 2023 with the value-added services it provides, ranking 50th in service exports in 2021, a company of approximately 10% in Türkiye. It will enable UGM, which provides widespread service with its sectoral share and more than 60 offices, and adopts the corporate governance approach, transparency, and accountability principle with its expert-based professional staff, to continue its customer-oriented services abroad successfully."

Offers solutions in 80 different countries

Pointing out that especially exporters' demand for high quality and accessible customs clearance services abroad is the main starting point for UGM in this initiative, Korkmaz continued: "As Ünsped, our 42 years of experience, integration-based software solutions, know-how generating works, strong and reliable IT Thanks to this new cooperation model we have realized with our infrastructure and AEB, we offer widespread, innovative, digital and multi-country customs clearance and foreign trade solutions in 80 different countries, regardless of air, sea or road transport for the products of all our business stakeholders. With this system, which enables our exporters to access easy, fast, reliable, high-quality, time and cost-saving customs clearance services worldwide with digital solutions, we will continue to support and contribute to our exporters. We believe that this new business model we offer to our exporters when they enter the target country markets will be one of their most important assistants." Mark Brannan, Head of Customs Brokerage Integration of AEB, stated they were excited about their cooperation with Ünsped and said, “AEB customers will now have easy access to customs declaration services in Türkiye through the market leader UGM. We see our collaboration as a game-changing market offering that will deliver real benefits to our customers in Europe, North America, and beyond.”

Transactions will be faster and more efficient. On the other hand, according to the company's statement, the following details regarding AEB's Customs Brokerage Integration software were shared: “By digitizing the customs brokerage cooperation, It not only provides cost savings and legal assurances but also speeds up the whole process. With Customs Brokerage Integration, The data required for the customs declaration is collectively transmitted to reliable customs consultants with strong IT and legal infrastructure in the system, and it is ensured that they appear in the customs consultancy system without any interruption in the digital data flow and that the appropriate consultant firm follows up the process. Final outcome; It turns out to be a seamless process with fewer steps, no duplication, fewer errors with accurate data, and the transparency everyone expects. With the new cooperation model, Ünsped Customs Consultancy and Logistics Services Inc. The companies that AEB and AEB provide services together can perform customs clearance procedures quickly and efficiently in Türkiye and in 80 countries of the world; does not have to look for a customs broker in the receiving country when exporting; It can also perform import transactions in the opposite country with the data it will submit to UGM during export. Thanks to this system, companies in 80 countries where AEB serves can easily make a declaration through UGM in their import transactions in Türkiye, thanks to the data transfer they make during export.”

More than 7 thousand companies around the world use this model.

According to the information obtained, the technology company AEB, founded in Germany in 1979, offers software solutions that support enterprises' global trade and logistics processes in the industrial, commercial, logistics, and service sectors. More than 7,000 companies from 80 countries; use digital solutions developed by AEB for transportation, logistics, warehouse management, customs clearance, import and export management, sanctions list scanning, and export controls. AEB's product portfolio; ranges from ready-to-use, cloud-based software products such as obtaining permits and licenses in customs and foreign trade transactions in 80 different countries, filling in the customs declaration and foreign trade documents, and giving customs tariff statistics position to a logistics platform.

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In the cooperation agreement between the two companies (from left to right), UGM CFO Celalettin Güleryüz, AEB Customs Consultancy Integration Head Mark Brannan, UGM General Manager Rıza Mehmet Korkmaz, AEB Senior Legal Advisor Stephan Morlock were present.