Our 36th Traditional End of Year Meeting to which our managers, employees and guests showed an intense interest was conducted on 16 December 2017 in UPS sports and Culture Club Conference of which we are the founder and sponsor. 

The theme of our end of year meeting which was between 09.00-14.00 and started with Standing in Silence and National Anthem was “We are Assessing and Sharing”. After reading the principle with “Our Counter Responsibilities on behalf of Ünsped” title from our Ünsped Policy Book, our Assessment  Meeting has started with the opening speeches of our Founder President Dear Haluk ÜNDEĞER and Shareholder Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK.  

In our organization in which we answered the questions of what we did in 2017 and what will we do in 2018, we highlighted Sustainability, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility and Efficiency. In this meeting which contributed to inner communication, we shared the computation works of our Service Assessment and Development Committee, all our activities in 2017 that we assesse, developments and changes with participants.     

In our End of Year Meeting in which Shareholder Awareness Awards were given, the 2017 activities of our boards and committees which support the participant management approach with the participants. With the videos with which we answered ÜNSPED question and listened the description of Customs Brokerage from our employees, videos that told the development of our company was seen by the audience.  

Our meeting ended with the closing speech of our Shareholder Dear Yusuf Bulut Öztürkin which he thanked the participants and everyone who contributed to the organization, and with the wished that 2018 brings health, happiness and success.