Under the guidance of Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee, on the scope of UGA Midday Talks referrring to the Father's Day the guest of the seminar themed "A Father, A Life" was National Wrestler, Businessman, Ex-deputy and father of 7 children was Mr. Mustafa Dağıstanlı. Over and over three times world champion, two olympic champion, the most technical wrestler, coach, governmental meritorious service medal owner, two sessions deputy, bus company owner and 85 years old Mr. Mustafa Dağıstanlı mentioned his youth, memories, business life and his children by giving examples relating to his successfull sport life in the seminar. The seminar performed by presentation and continued as Mr. Dağıstanlı answered the queations coming from the participants. At the end of the seminar our Shareholder Mr. Yusuf Bulut Öztürk presented to him plaque for day of remembrance and turkish delight. The seminar, which attracted a great deal of attention of the participants ended by photo shooting.