Our foreign trade has been used to the new normal of Customs for years. We call it the rule of law of Turkey. Law cannot be applied according to you or to me. According to a person and a certain group, the rules of law do not apply. The rule of law, not the law of the superiors, is essential. These are must haves.

But despite everything, certain groups that interpret the law as they want and do not want to recognize decisions made by judicial bodies and they do not give up.

The order of law is established not only to protect the rights of a certain segment of society, but also to protect the interests of all citizens. Besides rights, it also gives assignments and responsibilities. It is guaranteed by the Constitution. Constitutions are not a whole of immutable rules. It is the executive body with the authority it receives from the people that will change this. But by saying I don't recognize judicial decisions; you can't bring a subjective and arbitrary interpretation as you want.

All operations of our foreign trade are also clearly and openly stated in our customs code. All players of foreign trade are subject to this law. It would be wrong to change that with coercive comments. It is necessary to complete the work and operations and send the goods and pay the taxes of what they bring. Customs brokers show their best efforts for this. They even hire advisers who know the law to guide them. The goal is not to make operations error-free and incomplete. Not to let the customers suffer later. If they misspelled some words in the declarations, they would pay a lot of correction penalties. The sole purpose is to fully fulfill the obligations.