We have inspired the book Bacıyan-ı Rum “The Place of Turkish Woman at the Economical Life” gifted by Founding President Haluk Ündeğer to our committee. Saitabat Village Women's Solidarity Association has founded in the name of Saitabat Village “Women Development and Protection Association” on April of 2002. The President of Association, Sermin Cakalıoğlu has brought together nine women upon thinking how we stop the immigration because of limited work opportunities in their village, and has founded this association. They make this association survive with voluntarism and altruism. They sell the products they made (tomato paste, jam, noodles, handcraft products) under the name of the association, and they provided employment to fifty women, and they have given scholar to the students, dowry to those newly married, and help to neighbors whose house burnt or need help. While making all these activities, help and events, they didn’t notice that they did first. They have founded first Village Women Association of Turkey and they are model to twenty two villages in Bursa.  

At the Saitabat Village we have visited for celebrating the 29 October Republic Holiday with the President of Association and members, the President of Woman entrepreneurs committee, Fazilet Patır has given plate to the President of Association, Sermin Cakalıoğlu because of her activities in the name of our company.