Ünsped, the leading company in the sector that has been providing Customs Consultancy services since its establishment in 1981, Customs Consultancy and Logistics Services Inc. (UGM) has signed another important cooperation for supply chain and global trade management solutions. With their new partner AEB, they will further advance digitization in customs services to boost customer satisfaction and increase transparency for the entire customs process.

Founded in Germany in 1979, AEB provides software solutions that support the global trade and logistics processes of businesses in the industrial, commercial, logistics, and service sectors. More than 7,000 customers from 80 different countries use AEB solutions for shipping, transport and warehouse management, customs clearance, import and export management, sanctions list screening, and export controls. AEB’s portfolio extends from ready-to-go cloud-based software products to a tailored but highly adaptive logistics platform.

AEB’s Customs Broker Integration software digitizes the collaboration with brokers, saves costs, provides legal safeguards – and above all, accelerates the entire process. With Customs Broker Integration, all the data is collectively transmitted to the customs broker and appears in the broker’s system without any interruption in the digital data flow. The end result is a seamless process with fewer steps, resulting in fewer errors and providing the transparency everyone has been waiting for.

With the new cooperation model, AEB customers will now be able to transmit customs-relevant data automatically to Ünsped for fast and efficient customs clearances in Türkiye. “We’re really excited by the collaboration with Ünsped. It gives AEB customers easy access to customs declaration services in Türkiye via the market-leading customs broker. We see this as a game-changing market offer that will add real benefit to our customers in Europe, North America, and beyond,” says Mark Brannan, AEB’s Head of Customs Broker Integration.

UGM customers can also benefit from easy access to AEB’s worldwide network of customs broker partners. Ünsped General Manager, Rıza Mehmet Korkmaz, stated that “The cooperation with AEB will enable Ünsped to differentiate itself from other customs brokers by offering an innovative, automated, and  multinational customs solution to Turkish companies. ”With UGM’s 42 years of experience, integration-based software solutions in customs brokerage, and its reliable IT infrastructure, AEB will add value to UGM's digitally based integrated services with its proposed new business model for efficient processing of customs declarations worldwide, process management and tracking, enabling the fast and trouble-free completion of customs transactions of products in countries all over the world, regardless of whether they are transported by air, sea, or road.  

This initiative will greatly contribute to the successful maintenance of customer-oriented services abroad by UGM, which adopts transparency and accountability by all of its professional workforce in its 60+ offices as a principle in all its activities, is the first on-site R&D center and chemistry laboratory in its sector that implements cost-reducing innovative projects, and further strengthens its corporate governance understanding with a corporate rating of 9.38 received in 2023, and its sectoral share in Türkiye, which stands at 10%, with the value-added services it provides.