It was established in order to determine the duties and working principles of the Board of Consultants established within the body of UGM.

Our Customs Tariff Determination Board, which was established within our company, consists of 23 members.

Although there are Customs Brokers with different operational duties among the members of the Board, 5 people whose main duty is defined as "GTİP Specialist" are only active in determining the tariff, and other members contribute to the inspection and control issues.

Within the body of the Board, it also undertook the task of determining tariffs for textile and chemical products; There are 5 Chemists, 2 of which are located in the center and 3 of them located in the regions, and there are 2 Food Engineers whose opinions are sought in determining the tariff of food-type products.

Apart from this board, a Customs Tariff Determination Supreme Board was established in order to quickly resolve possible differences of opinion in tariff determination processes and to evaluate the legislation published on tariffs that affect our processes.

Supreme Council; It consists of 14 people, with 7 main members, 5 chemists and 2 food engineers.

Customs Tariff Determination Board; has developed its work to keep up with the times, and our company uses the "Tariff Software System (UGM ERP)" produced by its software developers, and organizes the process in order to enable the most comfortable, fastest and performance measurements and forward-looking information storage in terms of demanding tariffs and meeting the demand.