On the scope of Clarification Meetings under the guidance of Young Generations Development Committee on 19.09.2018, we welcomed Mrs. Tuğba Demir, founder of Ceres Yayınları to inform about "Our Cultural Values on the Transfer From Generation to Generation; Books" on our MHÜ Conference Hall of Headquarters.

Mrs. Tuğba Demir introduced herself briefly and underlined that people should read the books about personal development, transformation, social media, economics, motivation, sales and marketing, innovation, digital networks, management, production and be informed about these subjects to be increased the value of the positive perception on life business life and daily life, in which many changes are occured, competition increases, motivation media becomes different.

Mrs. DEMİR explained the data for 2010 of International Publishers Association and stated that the book number per capita is 8.4 in Turkey and according to the data of TÜİK, book is in 235th order in our requirement list. 

Mrs. Demir stated that for gaining habit of reading selection of book shoul be taken care and people shoul be directed accordingly to selct the right books to read.  She mentioned that books to be read gives the person excitement, the person reads the book savourily, develops himself/herself culturally, these are very important in order that the person fells relieved himself/herself mentally and psychologically, they, as Ceres Yayınları pay attention to behaviour models and life dynamics, performs publishing stages with a author and educator team, who understands the society, worked both in administrative department and on site and gained experience. 

Mrs. Demir stated that they are making investigations with Big Cat to test reading habits of the people and to learn how families are effective to get these habits and Mr. Murat Akşit, who is a Managing Partner of Big Cat started to talk about the report and results of the investigation. 

Mr. Akşit shared with us the questions about attendance of youth to the book competition in the social media, how often they are going to the library, if they have a bookcase at home or not, to whom they have bought books recently and who have bought books them recently, their reading habits, which books they read, answers of these quaestions and statistical rates. And Mr. Akşit also shared with us that they concluded that the families don't encourage and direct their children for gaining reading habit and culture as a result of the investigation.