With collaboration of Turkish Jockey Club and Ünsped Social Responsibility, the children whose ages are between 3 and 5 have started rehabilitation trainings in the Horse Therapy Center in Zeytinburnu-Veliefendi Racetrack for a year, one hour per week. The purpose of the training in Horse Therapy Center; is to ensure the development of children’s balance, stance control, fine motor skills; to stimulate talking and to provide support for them to increase their communication skills, as well as to ensure that they have a good time and they socialize. Alongside with the horse-riding trainings, the children will receive swimming training for 4 months, one hour per week in the swimming pool of UPS Sports and Culture Center. Related to the meaningful project that support the development of the children, Bakırköy Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Dear Mustafa HakanUyar who invited UGM Public Relations Manager Dear MahmutYahyaDurusu and the committee members to his office presented his gratitude to the all members of the committee, notably to the President of Ünsped Social Responsibility Committee Dear Füsun Özcan Emir and they talked about other projects that might be carried out for Bakırköy Closed Women's Prison - Adalet Kindergarten kids.