Our shareholders who put importance to the continuity of Ünsped Gümrük Müşavirliği and work towards the aim of creating values, came together on 20.10.2018 in Headquarters MHÜ Conference Hall. 

Our aim is to provide, in conformity with national and international legislations related to our work, fast and good services by using developing and contemporary technologies, which has fellowship foresight, without compromising high commercial morals, by exceeding the expectations of customers, which are employed in the international arena. UGM shareholders who act with "each foreign trade transaction is important for us" philosophy and aim to comply with the laws of the country and to accept the rule of law principle in all existing activities and transactions provide fast, competitive services that answers the expectations of customers within the laws and legislations with a dynamic teamwork in order to maintain the position that we hold in Customs Brokerage sector. 

The meeting in which messages about creating a common culture in the attitude in workplace and attitude towards employees, ended with mentioning the importance of "management by mutual interaction", saying that it is valuable for the sustainability of the company to create a management approach that cares about listening to each other with relation and cooperation, so act in a way that respects each other's  opinions.