Ünsped Customs Consultancy (UGM) has opened a laboratory for chemistry tests with an investment of 100 thousand euros, as the first time in the sector. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, with the laboratory established UGM aims to provide an opportunity to make an accurate and healthy assessment of the conditions of goods subject to foreign trade in terms of prohibition/restriction measures, tariff, value, regime, origin, taxation, preliminary permits, and standards by conducting all kinds of required analysis. Thus, waiting costs and errors are minimized, competitiveness of foreign trade companies and Turkey increased, as well as important contribution is made for the convenience and effectiveness of inspections conducted by public authorities in terms of protecting human and environmental health. Yusuf Bulut Öztürk, Company shareholder, said that they opened the laboratory in question so that the industrialists who invested are hindered. Öztürk stated that they started with a small microscope in the first place, and then set up a laboratory to do the work neatly. "We gave her name because we made this place thanks to Ayşe Özgür Özsar. We hope that it will become an accredited laboratory in a short time," he said. General Manager Rıza Mehmet Korkmaz said, "We continue to be the leading company in the sector in Turkey. We will make it easier and reduce costs in the business department. All our work is moving towards this end."

10 percent of foreign trade operations are carried out

UGM, which is among the leading organizations with 40 years of experience, 1400 employees and 57 service points in the sector ranks first with 9 percent of the total number of declarations produced in Turkey. In addition, the company, which provides services at home and abroad with an integrated service approach, performs 10 percent of Turkey's foreign trade operations. Company delivers services in the field of foreign trade and custom operations with 75 Customs broker companies (60% of them is partner), 236 Assistant Consultants, 6 chemists,  3 food engineers, 30 professional staff all of whom are specialist and professional in their fields under the company umbrella.