National Olympic Committee of Turkey (TMOK) Fair Play Commission President, Council of International Fair Play (CIFP) Member and Europe Fair Play Union Second President Mr. Erdoğan ARIPINAR was the guest of our enlightenment meeting on 23.01.2019. 

Mr. Erdoğan stated that 49.8% of the population is female, male population is 50.2% and shared the prediction that the number will be balanced in the future.

He said that, as for Turkish women, we need to go till the 6th Century B.C., and we see Tomris Hatun in Scythians, that there are Central Asians who speak of a person called Ak Ana (White Mother) amongst Turks, and he said that the root of all the Oghuz tribes in Turkey to those successful women, therefore Turkish people never forget about the respect.

He shared that even in Dada Gorgud stories mother are a theme, that women sat side by side with khans and worked equally with equal rights and said that the women perception today changed because of the societies in Anatolia who wrongly interpreted the Islam religion and got wrongly effected by Arab, Persian and Byzantium cultures.  And he said that is why women became of secondary importance, they became mother of the house and didn't seen around. He stated that the real Turkish women emerged with the Independence War, and said that there are many things that Turkish women did and will do, and that the value of this will be understood in time.

The seminar ended with souvenir gift and Turkish delight presented to our guest by our Women Leadership Development Committee.