Our New Year Event of our Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee which started with handing out new year cookies that are made specially for our employees by our company on 29 December 2017 was celebrated on 17:00- 18:00 simultaneously in the Entrance Level Fair Ground of our Headquarters with the live broadcast that our 17 regions and branches have participated.

In the New Year celebration which was accompanied by a mini cocktail, our Shareholder Dear Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK and CEO Dear Dr. Hakan ÇINAR, after wishing that in the new year happiness make us forget all the bad things, success eliminates failure, beauty will fill our lives, 2018 to bring peace, solidarity, tranquility and happiness to our nation, country, world and the humanity as a whole, gave the messages saying that we should revise what we have done, what we have learned in the past year , think about whether we have spent our time wisely, the we need to be successful in the upcoming year as one, together, as we, by working harder, that we will surely reach our goals if we work as one and together, afterwards our organization was ended with cutting the cake written “Many Happy years Together” on it for the new year in which health, happiness is wished and hoped to be a fruitful