Ünsped Woman Leadership Development Committee, Arya WomanInvestment Platform, PWN (Professional Woman’s Network), We ConnectInternational and ÖZÜM 10.000 Women Committee came together for the Women's Dayon the date of 6 March 2017 in Şişli Municipality's Nazım Hizmet Culture andArt Home and celebrated this year's Women's Day.

In the activity was arranged under the name of "ChangingLooks to Woman Leadership"; traditional structure from communal,institutional perspective, from the fathers of daughters disrupting thestructure to frame breaking couples in technology sector, awareness in womanleadership and prejudice, influence in woman organizations, sharing andimportance of network were mentioned.

Conference was done by the opening speakers Ünsped WomanLeadership Development Committee President Fazilet Patır and Arya Investor MüntehaAdalı and it was done in the total of 3 panels. In the first panel, traditionallooks were talked by Tezmaksan Machine Industry Founder Mustafa Aydoğdu and hisdaughter Fatma Aydoğdu, Turkey's first open innovation camp's Founders ZehraDoruk and Murat Küçükgirgin in the moderatorship of Münteha Adalı. WhileMustafa Aydoğdu was talking about the transformation encountered in the companytogether with the working of his daughter in his company, Murat Küçükgirginshared the stories about Zehra Doruk who turned their own dreams todown-to-earth realities and argue against the traditional structure. In thesecond panel, the founder of digital sisterhood circle One Thousand Leaves andTurkish WIN Melek Pulatkonak, Gaye Ör from PaYU, ScaleX Ventures Founder DilekDayınlarlı and Surgitate Founder Özge Akbulut who provided the surgeons in theentire world to do the practices on real breast model without having the needfor the cadaver by producing artificial breast and also saying to women ''you first'' by starting breast cancerawareness project  talked about theawareness in the leadership of woman under the moderatorship of Arya General SecretaryDeniz Duygu. In their talks, all panelists emphasized the requirement of notlosing from their effeminacies for women to take place at high levels in thebusiness life and also for the need of having women in the business life withtheir women identities by underlining these subjects. While narrating theimportance of the influence, sharing and network, third panel was realized withthe directors of 5 women committee in the moderatorship of Tuğba Dedeoğlu Demirwho is the owner of the publishing house and having her name heard frequentlywith her latest published T-Human. Finally, the activityended with speed networking which was emphasized with its importance throughoutthe conference.

In this Women's Day, women got together with the Slogan of “We are walkingtogether and we are strong together'' and they exhibited the most beautifulsample of women-to-woman solidarity.