Unsped Young GenerationLeadership Development Committee , organized the Illumination Meeting at UGMMHU

Conference Hall withLecturer Meryem KOKSAL from Altinbas University on the theme "The MostImportant Carrier ofCultures and Generations is the Language". 

Köksal started her speechby making the definition of Language, Culture and Generation, told us that weneed to give importance to our language by emphasizing how the X, Y and Zgenerations can survive the cultural change and technological developmenttogether with the existence of the history. 

Describing the reasonsbehind the sloppy and misuse of language, Koksal described the reasons as thefallacy of foreign words, the inadequacy in teaching Turkish, the inadequacy ofword and term production, the lack of language education of mother and fatherand the Internet usage. 

Koksal said that languageis the carrier of culture also a culture transmitter saying 'Turkish First" slogan should be placed on the heads and hearts. Then she emphasizedthat we need to raise awareness about individual and societal sensitivity,language emotion and mother language consciousness formation. It has also beenemphasized that Emoji should be used in private personal accounts, but verbaland written communication in accordance with Turkish grammar rules should beused in business correspondence. 

"Be careful of yourspeech, it might become your behavior. Be careful of your behavior, it mightbecome your character. Be careful of your character, your character, it mightbecome your life ... " was the final words of Koksal's speech. Then, theplate for participation was presented by Young Generation LeadershipDevelopment Committee. Meeting was ended after collective photo shooting.