Our General Headquarters In Manolya Meeting Hall between 12: 00-13: 00 our shareholder - General Manager Yusuf Bulut Ozturk with the General Manager and the Electronics Department of Import Department came together. He was accompanied by Foreign Trade Manager Mr. Hande ÇELEBİ from Bilcom Company. Together at lunch, the importance of establishing a trustful environment in business life, the problems in the working environment and the expressions of these problems as much as possible were discussed. 

Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK, said to participants, "Managing change is one of today's greatest virtues. The secret to turn past experience into service and product for the future is to produce different prescriptions for each institution, every structure, every situation, every period. The same is true for our company UGM".

"No wind is convenient for a sailboat who does not know the port it shall arrive." reminding the words of our shareholders - General Manager Acting Representative Yusuf Bulut Öztürk, If you cannot define and determine your goal according to your desires and wishes, all your material and spiritual wealth will not work and you are talking about the importance of setting goals and achieving those goals.

Mr. OZTURK, who states that innovation is a concept that generates ideas, leads institutions, contributes to profitability and growth, because now you can provide competition with innovation so you need a working culture where all new ideas can be easily shared and discussed. For this purpose, they have told that they actualized the "I have an idea" project and that they have read all the incoming mails and provided feedback to them. "I have always voiced that innovation is very important, and I will continue to express it. But I will draw your attention, innovation is needed in every case, not just in the product. I think that innovation in every way, from the way of doing business to marketing, will lead us to innovate and grow. " Mr. Yusuf Bulut OZTURK, who continues his words, emphasized that each employee is the patron of the work that they are manage. This change in direction is also like this in Turkey as the whole world. You see a difference in the institutions that are experiencing this change. Institutions want to go further. Therefore, all employees have expressed a certain responsibility for the organization, including the boss or leader, now that personal responsibility has become institutional responsibility. Institutions demand sustainability. It is therefore conveyed that they will take the necessary steps to achieve the necessary changes, achieve growth, increase profitability and at the same time motivate the employees with these and similar organizations and activities.

Working hard not to be too busy, but to produce continuously, saying that we are continuing our shareholders - General Manager Vice President Yusuf Bulut Ozturk, Successful people in business life are in a right and planned work every moment they see busy and they gave the message that the door to success is the key to the opening. 

The most important factor in achieving success in a professional career is the transfer of knowledge, experience and know-how gained in all stages of the industry; it was also underlined that communication for success, teamwork, problem and not to hide the mistake. 

Our meeting ended after collective photo shoot.