Date: 29-11-2021

In this country, circumstances lead you to a certain point

Remzi Akçin, who has been working in both supervision and administration in the customs field for close to 30 years, has been continuing his professional life in the “implementing” part, that is, in the private sector, for 3.5 years after retiring from the deputy undersecretary position. We talked about his journey and memories with UNSPED Director of Board Mr. Akçin, who says “I am a customs officer from head to toe, to my bones.”

  • Mr. Remzi, may we briefly get to know you?

I was born in Ordu Gölköy. I started primary school in Mahmudiye village of Gölköy and moved to Izmit in 1973 in primary school 2nd class. Every child born in the Black Sea is in need of migration. Postcards show a beautiful geography, but it's really difficult to lead a life. Therefore, that path also appeared to us. I am an Anatolian child and I am the first person in my family to graduate from university.

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