The lack of skilled labor and the shortage of students graduating from educational institutions. As a result of the fact that Turkey's education system is not planned in accordance with its production and needs, this problem has not been solved for many years. On the one hand, there are millions of young people looking for job; on the other hand, there are business people who cannot find people to work. That is why feasibility and planning in education are important for this. What kind of workforce is needed in which sectors? And then appropriate schools are opened for this? Are the schools opened providing appropriate education for this need? As long as these questions remain unanswered, we will continue to discuss this in the coming years.

When this is the case, companies in the private sector also work like a school. They take young people who have graduated and teaches them business practically. In a sense, companies contribute to education almost like graduate institutions.

“Applied Customs and Foreign Trade Specialization Certificate Program” was started in cooperation with Unsped Customs Brokerage and Istanbul University. In the first lesson, the basic concepts, customs processes of goods to be brought to Turkey, customs tariff and basic issues of customs and foreign trade were transferred to the students by the instructors of the Unsped Development Academy (UGA). The first lesson of the online training was taught by Yusuf Bulut Ozturk, a partner of the Company Unsped.

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