We continue to keep the pulse of Anatolian industry. The added value created by our industrialist who is currently producing our biggest source of morale and motivation. Because if we produce more valuable goods and services, imports will cease to be a problem. Considering that 65 percent of the products exported by Turkey are supplied with imported raw materials, the more value-added products we produce, the more our export income increases and the current account deficit decreases. Import is not something to be afraid of. The main thing is that if you increase the kg price of the product you produce from an average of $ 1.2 to more than $10, neither the current account deficit nor the fluctuating exchange rate will hurt you. Unfortunately, Turkey has to import energy with iron, steel and many other raw materials. But our successful industrialists glorify our economy with the added value it creates. Since 1969, we have been visiting Yücel Boru, which has been converting the flat steels it has supplied from Turkey and the world for three generations into steel pipes and profiles with advanced technology for three generations. Yücel Boru, the largest welded steel pipe and profile manufacturer in Turkey with an annual production of more than 500 thousand kilometers, has made its raw material supply with effective market research and the trust it has created in various suppliers. Companies that integrate into the world during times of crisis of economies manage to stay afloat. Yücel Boru also exceeds the troubled periods with its advanced technology used in production, quality certificates, occupational safety, education and, more importantly, its corporate structure. The fact that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yücel Boru, Fatih Tar, and senior management did not get ahead of the company's brand is a situation that we are not very used to in our country. This understanding of the board of directors, which transfers production and foreign trade processes to professionals, is the most basic principle of corporate structure. Again, this table, which we are not used to in Turkey, is also an indicator of how it is integrated with the world. As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, it is no coincidence to continue production for three generations. Just as no success is a coincidence.
Yücel Group, which is also owned by Yücel Boru, consists of 7 companies and produces in 8 locations. The group, which sends its products to domestic and foreign markets, is the fourth largest exporter company in its sector with its exports of 503 million dollars. With a total of 4 thousand employees, it produces at eight locations and exports to 102 countries. It is estimated that the export target for 2021 will be 1 million tons. Yücel Boru in the 40th rank in ISO 500 large company ranking is followed by group company Kroman Steel in 52nd rank and Çayırova Boru at 298th rank. Another issue is that we see that companies that manage the financial structure well have successfully emerged from crisis periods. The Group, which has a strong self-resource, has taken precautions against fluctuations in advance and has shown its success in staying afloat in international trade. During this period, it further increases our morale and motivation to finish the construction of two factories and see that the investment of both factories continues. While visiting the production processes, we also noticed that the energy obtained from the sun is used for production. The fact that it has its own port in the logistics processes makes it easy to move quickly.