The most important problem in production during this period is the inability to foresee the future. And when it is such, it becomes difficult to make plans and set goals. Business people who have undergone the experiences of the past demonstrate the ability to survive in times of crisis.

We talked with Ibrahim Turan, General Manager of Atlantik Grup Soğutma ısıtma ve Klima Sistemleri who worked for 12 years in the company of two senior industrialists who have influenced the business world, learned the culture of doing business then started his own company and made his own way with his philosophy working on efficient systems with experience and knowledge in the air conditioning sector.

The company, which operates on environmentally friendly and energy efficiency systems, sells high-efficiency, environmentally friendly devices in its product portfolio both in Turkey and abroad. In this way, it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions from air conditioning systems.

Turan graduated from ITU mechanical engineering department in 1991 and started working at Alarko in 1993. Turan said that: “After the engineering education I received at ITU, working at Alarko was as valuable to me as getting a doctorate. I have learned the system selections, the use of the right systems and devices in the right projects here. Alarko paid much attention to education. The management philosophy of the late Üzeyir Garih and İshak Alaton made influenced every unit of the company.” 

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