We are visiting the Automotive Supply Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) in Gebze, one of the most important production centers in Turkey. We have come to see the pulse of production in the region that produces parts for world brands and makes a difference to its competitors in this regard.

The President of TOSB, Dr. Mehmet Dudaroglu starts by stating that while the sector is on the way to reaching its target with positive figures in the first months of 2020, they are moving away from the target due to the pandemic. Automotive suppliers were closed last year with a loss of 16.5 percent.

How did you spend the year 2020?

- We provide automotive service as TOSB. Our most important strength in international competitiveness is that we have a specialized organized industrial zone. At TOSB, many of the companies experienced a 2-month downtime by working from home and applying a short work schedule according to the work schedules they prepared as part of the measures they took during the pandemic period, and then the wheels started to turn again in the industry; it has continued non-stop until today. Of course, in the meantime, surveys conducted by TAYSAD during the pandemic process also shed light on the sector. As part of the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak, many companies that have stopped production at TOSB or continued to reduce their capacity began controlled production.

With the wheels starting to turn again in the industry, as TOSB, we started to conduct COVID-19 testing to address the concerns of our employees. We have prepared informative and encouraging videos about the process and shared them with our members and all employees. In addition to the measures taken by the companies themselves, we, as OSB Management, have supported our members in the official permissions to be taken and in the point of sharing the published circulars.


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