We expect from our suppliers, not to be just a link on the chain but to be a gear that adds strength to our production wheels. These wheels must be compatible with each other and have the same important criteria, in order to provide more efficient service to our customers within the participation of our suppliers.

Criteria for Choosing our Suppliers for Sustainable Service


Partnership Structure and Management Method, Company Policies, Ethical Approach, Transparency Approach and Accountability, Rules on Competition, Compliance to Competition Laws, Financial Sufficiency, Income and Taxation, Personnel Structure and HR, Professional Competence, Consulting Establishments


Brand Recognition, Respect of the Competitors Duties on Primary Activities,  Counterfeiting, Reliability, References

Risk Management

Early Detection of Risk, Insurance against Risks, Building/ Facility Profile, Telecommunication Structure and Opportunities, IT System Backup  Information Security Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Natural Disaster and Fire Plans, Financial Risks

Product Sufficiency

Standards, Performance, Features and Superiorities, Product  Safety, Durability, Esthetics, Usefulness

Product/Service Sufficiency

Compliance with Ethics and Laws in Competitive Pricing, Price, Payment and Due Terms, Technology Utilization, Measurability, Complaint and Solution Oriented Management, Delivery On Time, Ability to prepare Official Documents, Innovative Approach, Open Mindness, Flexibility, After Sale Service Opportunities, 5 Years of Experience,  Attainability.